Ultimaker PETG sets the standard for enterprise-grade industrial use. Available in a variety of colors – including transparent and fluorescent – it is perfectly suited for a wide range of use cases, thanks to properties such as good printability, toughness, chemical resistance, wear resistance, and temperature resistance. Easy to use, versatile, and scalable, Ultimaker PETG enables you to standardize the way you work and print to make it happen.


Reasons to choose Ultimaker PETG

●     With NFC detection and print profiles, Ultimaker PETG integrates seamlessly with the Ultimaker platform, providing the best, most fluid 3D printing experience for Ultimaker users.

●     Ultimaker PETG features good adhesion and layer bonding, and excellent compatibility with support materials, making it one of the easiest 3D printing materials to work with.

●     Ultimaker PETG features good toughness and is slightly bendable, meaning it is suitable ● for creating shatter-resistant functional parts that work, and work hard.

●     Ultimaker PETG’s wear-resistant properties mean it is durable and not easily damaged by friction or use – meaning your parts will be built to last.

Ultimaker PETG

  • 3D Printer Filament Spool

    Material = PETG

    Diameter = 2.85mm

    Spool Weight = 750g