With Ultimaker PC (polycarbonate) filament, you can print strong and tough parts that retain dimensional stability when subjected to temperatures as high as 110 oC. Our PC is a perfect filament for printing molds, tools, functional prototypes and parts for short-run manufacturing.


Reasons to choose Ultimaker PC

●      High toughness, especially for the non-transparent filament options

●      Resists temperatures and retains form up to 110 oC

●      Flame retardant characteristics

●      Dimensionally stable

●      Strong interlayer bonding capabilities, especially when using the front door add-on

●      Good bed adhesion, especially when using the stickers supplied in the Advanced 3D Printing Kit

●      Allows printing of translucent parts for lighting applications with a transparent filament option

●      Engineered to be printed at moderate temperatures compared to other PC filaments

●      Minimized warping provides a seamless 3D printing experience


Download Technical Data Sheet

Ultimaker PC

  • 3D Printer Filament Spool

    Material = PC

    Diameter = 2.85mm

    Spool Weight = 750g

  • We ship via UPS. We will ship standard shipping orders (USPS First Class, Priority / UPS Ground, Standard, Worldwide Expedited) within (2) two business days of receiving cleared payment. 

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