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Create the Best Designs for 3D Printing

A great design for 3D printing usually starts with a CAD file, simulation result, or scanned data as input. To benefit from the possibilities that 3D printing offers, you need a flexible tool to make specific design modifications or enhancements, often at the mesh level. Whether you want to produce a functional automotive part, a lightweight aerospace part or fascinating shoes, our specialized software helps you optimize your designs with an unprecedented degree of freedom.

Materialise photo of 3dprinted shoe insole

Why choose Materialise 3-matic?

  • Enjoy freedom of design, create a unique or customized object

  • Control density with latticed, conformal and porous structures

  • Save material, reduce printing time and decrease costs with lightweight designs

  • Change aerodynamic, acoustic and cushioning properties or increase grip

  • Avoid labor-intensive finishing steps with smart use of textures

  • Gain foresight from the strong link with simulation packages

  • Automate your design process or accelerate your iteration cycles, by scripting these flows using the 3-matic Python API

Design with Materialise 3-matic

  • Modify your design at mesh level

  • Create textures, patterns and perforations

  • Create latticed, conformal or porous structures

  • Clean up rough topology optimization results for simulation (FEA) and printing

  • Convert your mesh back to CAD