When it comes to 3D printing, materials matter, so we offer a range of materials in our part production services.  These in-stock materials are readily available for part production.  If you don't see what you need, just ask.  We can source the right material for your project.

Photopolymer Resins

EnvisionTEC E-Model Natural

EnvisionTEC’s E-Model is perfect for a variety of modeling needs, from high-precision dental & orthodontic models to production-quality prototypes and end-use products. 

EnvisionTEC ABS Flex Gray

EnvisionTEC‘s ABS Flex is an ABS-like material. It is a tough material, suitable for high quality prototypes.

EnvisionTEC ABS Tough

EnvisionTEC‘s ABS Tough is an extremely tough ABS-like material. It is suitable for high quality prototypes, as well as stable enough for production-quality parts. 

EnvisionTEC ETool

EnvisionTEC’s E-Tool material allows printing of molds for thermoplastic injection molding. It is ideal for low volume production runs or for the creation of multiple iterations of a mold during the prototyping phase.

EnvisionTEC HTM140

EnvisionTEC's HTM140 is a high temperature molding material for non-metal masters. With a heat deflection temperature of 140°C straight out of the machine, high definition parts printed in HTM140 M can be directly vulcanized in rubber, eliminating the need for a metal master. 

EnvisionTEC EDenstone Peach

EnvisionTEC’s E-Denstone was developed for 3D model manufacturing. It can be used with traditional dental manufacturing or as a solution for MCAD applications. E-Denstone delivers high accuracy no loss of detail.

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Ultimaker PLA

Ultimaker's PLA is ideal for the fast and reliable printing of parts and prototypes with a great surface quality.

Ultimaker ABS

Ultimaker's new ABS is good for mechanical parts with an optimized printing experience. It's impact resistant, dimensionally stable and handles temperatures up to 85 ºC.

Ultimaker PC

Ultimaker's PC offers a great print quality, heat resistance up to 110 ºC, mechanical strength and toughness.

3DP PLA Filament

3DP's PLA is a tough, high grade PLA type of filament. Slightly modified, the filament retains the typical features of PLA, but makes it tougher and less brittle. Due to a low shrinkage factor PLA will not deform after cooling. 

3DP ABSx Filament

3DP's ABS-X is a next-generation ABS filament. By applying zero warp technology to the filament we can offer a filament with far less cracking, proven near perfect interlayers, reliable bed adhesion while improving the mechanical properties. ABS-X is the perfect material for strong objects that require an high impact tolerance.

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